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Google Buzz is BROKEN… FIX IT! #googlebuzz #fail

February 12, 2010

Dear Google,

You f*ck3d up. Here’s why:

EMAIL FAIL: Gmail conversation collect nicely in strings of individual messages, yet every time I get an email with a buzz update (the email notification is awesome!) it’s horribly long list of messages I’ve ALREADY seen. Reverse it. Separate them.

EMAIL REPLY FAIL: So I get an email with the latest update in my Buzz stream and guess what I do… I hit reply and, well, I REPLY. Do you know what happens next? Instead of my reply ending up as a buzz comment I get an email because I just sent my self an email. Brilliant! (<sarcasm). Even FB figure out reply via email. You could argue that Gmail has this feature:-)

NO CHAT: Google talk… uh, did you forget you had a chat product? I just had an obnoxious conversation via buzz. Comment. Comment. Comment… where’s the friggin CHAT button? Go ahead and post the transcript during or after the chat… just gimme a chat button! (which, by the way, could include video)

Now why is this so irritating? If you didn’t notice, these are features that already exist in you current Google products! This is like a tv station shooting a new program with a consumer video camera because they FORGOT they had a studio filled with HD equipment.

APP FAIL: Where the F*c# is Farmville? Just kidding:-)

Oh yeah, and please put a rush on my Google Voice invite.

Serious note: Amazing “behind the scenes” insight on Buzz >>

Why Google Will Keep Playing Fast and Loose With Your Privacy



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Bonus: Twitter buzz on Google Buzz

marialy: Hi @Google Buzz, you’re nice but pls stop pumpin my Yelp review repeatedly into my buzzstream (expand) thnx! #donutoverload #bug
Juriblogsphere: US – RT @WebDevOnLinux: Stop Google Buzz From Showing the World Your Contacts [Privacy] #privacy
cordblomquist: Google Buzz: A confusing rip-off of Twitter which shares its name with a Yahoo! product that is itself a rip-off of Digg.
brancode: RT @woneal: RT @gizmogladstone Well, that’s enough of that… [turning off Goggle Buzz] (BEST. TWEET. EVER.)
joshuamilane: RT @MarketNet: How to opt out of Google Buzz (expand)
Lexluthor82: buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz FACEBOOK buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz

Leo Laporte – Mobile – Public

There’s no option to post a photo in the mobile version of Buzz. That’s where I’m MOST likely to want to include a photo!

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Just say NO to Twitter’s Retweet! (uh, please rt)

January 18, 2010

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Been a couple of months now and folks are clicking away on Twitter‘s “retweet” feature…


You’re driving me completely insane! Here’s the problem – when you retweet using Twitter button there is no value to me WHATSOEVER. ALL I get is an arbitrary tweet added to my stream with NO explanation whatsoever! So, please people… for the love of (fill in personal deity here) retweet “old-school” with a note about why or a demeaning comment or wisecrack! Come ON! It’s for the children!

So why did Twitter do this to me? Because they’re chickens. They were worried that their feature would allow people to be more easily critical of big brands and the big brands would freak out and drop the PR hammer on poor little Twitter! Ugh, whatever.

Don’t believe me? Check out these bitch sessions:

Careful out there, ‘cuz you are what you tweet!



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