Twitter Attack Round 2: FUNNIEST SIRI TWEETS. Siri, where’s the iPhone 5?

October 5, 2011

Siri apple iphone 4SNow this is some Twitter-Funny, wait no – Twitter magic! Thank you Apple for pissing off the iPhone… uh… iPholks… and introducing Siri!


Dave Zatz
davezatzDave Zatz
Siri: Where is the iPhone 5?
@phillryu: Siri on an AT&T connection is going to be like having a passive aggressive, half-deaf butler.” <- LMAO!
Damian @ Brightstar
DamianOS3Damian @ Brightstar
Siri, where am I? And why am I not wearing any pants?”
Ross Jamieson 
Ross_JamiesonRoss Jamieson 
Siri, find me local drug dealers in order of highest ratings.
Josh Gates
joshuagatesJosh Gates
Siri: Cutting edge technology voiced by a 1980 Speak and Spell.
Chad Darnell
ChadDarnellChad Darnell
Siri” is awfully close to “Suri.” I think you know what I mean.
Ben Kadamus
benkadamusBen Kadamus
#iphone4s quote of the day via @Gizmodo: “Siri? That looks like the most amazing thing I’ll never use.”
Siri, how much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
Dan Smith
AbuliatronixDan Smith
I just spared you from me trying to make an iPhone “Siri“/Scientology “Suri” joke. #YoureWelcome
Trevor MacSwain
lifeis11Trevor MacSwain
@jbalinski: Siri: I think i have a crush on you.” I just want to be friends, Joe.
Ryan Irvine
ryanirvineRyan Irvine
Siri, what’s the name for the type of autism that makes some people tweet at their local Starbucks?
Andrew Nesbitt
AndrewNezAndrew Nesbitt
When I get an iPhone 4S I’m looking forward to asking Siri the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow.
RT @robyn_sparkles: Will siri be able to understand me when I’m drunk?
Rylie L.
Thinking of changing my name to Siri so more men will be interested in me.
Phil Thompson
PhillyThompPhil Thompson
Apple’s Siri will never work with my accent! Me: “Message my wife I’ll be late.” Phone: “Massage your wifi on a date.”
Kyle Van Essen
kyleveKyle Van Essen
Siri, tweet ‘Poopin’.” “Tweeting ‘Pooping’.” The future is now.
Siri, given enough time to prepare, could Batman defeat Galactus?
Ben Parr
benparrBen Parr
Ask Siri about Skynet, and it will electrocute you and drive your car over a cliff. Try it, I dare you. #iPhone4S
Prince Charles
Charles_HRHPrince Charles
Oops, that was close. Testing new voice command app. Almost wiped out France. #siri #letstalkiphone

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I’m bitterly disappointed that every aspect of the iPhone 4S is dramatically better than its predecessor except its shape.</sarcasm>

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