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WTF was SAMSUNG thinking?? Quick Review: Samsung Moment

April 13, 2010

WTF military fitted blk embroideredhatMy phone died and I quickly needed a new one. What to do?

Mini back story, I’ve been avoiding signing a new contract for years, so my phones have been off Craigslist but right now the only thing worth buying there is a Palm Pre and… well… that’s a piece of crap. I wouldn’t take one for FREE with a free calling plan (which is kind of a lie because I would take any free phone with free calling plan). Anyway, I’m broke and have no choice but sign a new contract! Arrrrgh!

So, here’s what I was looking for in functionality:

  • Good camera & video cam, ‘cuz I’m a dad on Facebook.
  • Quick access to social networking tools, ‘cuz I’m a blogger.
  • Hootesiute. Shout out!
  • Android or iPhone, ‘cuz I’m a gadget geek and that’s what “everyone” has.
  • A phone that won’t be a complete piece of crap in 2 years because I’m forced to sign a %$#&ing contract!

Here’s what I wanted to avoid:

  • Palm Pre, ‘cuz I just had one and HATED it. I know “hate” is a strong word. I HATED it.
  • A Windows phone, ‘cuz “everyone” hates those.
  • An iPhone, ‘cuz “everyone” hates AT&T.
    • If I wanted to not be able to call people on a fancy device I’d buy an iPad (that’s a dropped-call joke).

So all that being said, I found myself standing in a Sprint store faced with two choices, the Samsung Moment and the HTC Here. I bought the Moment. Thankfully there was a 30 day trial period!

My gripes about the Samsung Moment:

  • Samsun MomentThe friggin’ plug in the worst possible place ever. Seriously. Put this phone up on your dash to use the GPS and the plug will stick out way up into the air in front of your windshield! Even worse, if you ever have to charge it and talk at the same time you will be staring at the plug for as log as you’re on the call (this WILL happen, just wait ’till you read about the battery).
  • Micro USB. Really? Who the hell uses this? Oh yeah, the Palm Pre… and that’s a piece of crap. Besides, this phone is HUGE! A tiny little plug seems ridiculous.
  • Great idea > physical keyboard. Horrible idea > changing around the keys. Try to type “” and see how long it takes you to find the “/” key. WTF!?!
  • Menu button over the swipe pad. Perfectly placed so you accidently click menu everytime you mean to “swipe” the friggin’ pad.
  • Awkward: Groove at the top right where swipe down the notification bar.
  • Awkward: Although the construction is solid, the keyboard doesn’t really click snugly when the phone is slid together. There is always this little separation on the body where there shouldn’t be.
  • Reboot time, in seconds, takes about FOREVER. Grab a pillow and get comfy, you’re not doing anything with this phone for a very very very long time.
  • Swipe pad: It sucks. It’s too sensitive and NOT intuitive. When you finally figure out how it works, you realize it just doesn’t work.
    • *Note, if you ever think you can improve something like the “trackball” get over it. Even if your widget IS better, everyone will still try to use it like a TRACKBALL and then they’ll write blog posts about how it sucks.
  • Battery life. Wow, the battery on this thing is horrible! There is no possible way this phone,  fully charged, could make it past lunchtime if you used it for anything other than a paperweight.
    • Sure I could buy extra batteries, but why would I? I’m getting the “fancy phone” so I can CARRY less! I mean, it’s no wonder the batter time sucks considering how loud the speakers are and considering the keyboard lights up… phones have enough problems with battery life as is without extra lights!! In fact, now that I think about it, this phone is so friggin’ big I seriously do not understand why they didn’t pop 2 batteries in that bad boy! At least throw a giant one in it!!

So was good about the Samsung Moment? Not much including:

  • Great speakers! Perfect for playing videos back and viewing music or youtube.
  • Awesome speaker phone! Never had a problem hearing anyone on speaker.
  • Arrow keys on the physical keyboard were a really nice way to navigate around web pages and text, especially when you just typed a whole bunch of stuff.
  • Light up keyboard looked super cool… but the funky key placement made it basically worthless.
HTC Hero

Only $79! Click to get an HTC Hero!

Ok, the Moment’s now been returned and I traded up for the HTC Hero. I’m pissed I lost the keyboard, but the interface on this thing is really nice!

It’s got a mini USB plug, just like my other gadgets and some hard drives so I don’t have to get ANOTHER cord and the trackball is an actual trackball! Amazing! …and it works really well for scrolling pages. Another nice feature is the “multiple windows” browsing screen that HTC will more than likely be sued over by Apple. Haven’t taken any pics or video yet, but it’s a 5mp camera so I have high hopes.

The real question is, how am I going to convince my wife we need an EVO when I just bought this friggin’ phone?? If you have any suggestions let me know in the comments… also, if you have gadget love / hate stories please share!!!!

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