Twitter says Merton Piano Chat Roulette Improv FTW! (for the win)

March 27, 2010

*added > baby chat roulette!  scroll down! *updated with more tweets & parodies!


Piano Chat Roulette Improv MertonIf you haven’t seen these videos of “Merton” the piano Chat Roulette Improv dude… well, you’re missing out! He’s had 5,122,506 views! Holy cry!
Anyway, here are those MUST SEE vids and what the Twitterverse is saying about Chat Roulette!

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Hey Baby, nice tweets! >>

Gizmo_l_normalBAMBIHELL got flipped off on chat roulette. i deserved that. back to island living.4 minutes ago from web

Rob_normalpopereggie I officially think Chat roulette is just filled with dudes.17 minutes ago from web

2ce0zth_normalerinnicole101 http://bit.ly/bv3Vp4 Seriously how hilarious is this. Lady Gaga Telephone, CHAT ROULETTE VERSION hahaha i almost peed my pants

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Undies_shoot_hs_normalBekahBeFree chat roulette is hella fun18 minutes ago from web

Default_profile_2_normalSkatingTomato Good news: Sabres are in the playoffs. Bad news: my roommate and his buddies discovered Chat Roulette.18 minutes ago from web

10422_196584188184_504258184_3733199_3929957_n_normalOoftDanny @nickolas_paul what are you even doing tonight. if you’re on chat roulette two nights in a row i’m going to judge you big style.28 minutes ago from web

Bambus42: i knew that the guy who made piano chat improv ode to merton is not merton dont know why everyone was telling me he is..
arthur8863: Chat Roulette Funny Accordion Improv #1 (Piano Chat improv Parody) http://bit.ly/bmdyX6 (expand)
about 19 hours ago from Chromed Bird · Reply · View Tweet

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Careful out there, ‘cuz remember, you are what you tweet!


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