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APPLE IPAD: Tweets, Spoofs, Bombs and TWITTER TREND

January 27, 2010

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The New Apple iPad

The New Apple iPad

WOW the iPad has set off a Twitter storm! So we’re giving you a little bit of EVERYTHING! Here are some of the funniest iPad tweets, bitches and spoofs! Followed by top related Twitter trends like… wait for it…

“iTampon” < WOW! SERIOUSLY!

Plus check out the new line of iParty, iGolf & iSand gear!

jroood: RT @soulpancake: RT @avivhadar: Anyone in Boston… Can you tell a difference when someone says iPad or iPod?
9 minutes ago from Seesmic · Reply · View Tweet
CmfcknW: RT @ac_money RT @brittaniheather I hope the groundhog leaves its burrow on Tuesday, I can’t take six more weeks of iPad jokes.
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IzzyNeis: Hmm. Ipad, you are interesting and clever. I would drop and break you, sadly, before I’d even be able to call you mind. KID PROOF?
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iParty too much plain BLK shirt
iParty too much plain BLK by twitterfunny
RachelGibsonUSA: so really the ipad is for people who have more money than they know what to do with. #brats Whats the point? ooh (with your hands) so!!!
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YOURBOYEDDIE: So anybody want to buy me an iPad?
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Rooftop Comedy

RT @wendymolyneux I’m already going through like 4 or 5 iPads a day because of my heavy workflow.#obviousjokecitypopulationme #apple

ispringforward: RT @fastcompany: iPad not the first choice for women. Period. (expand) Love it!
4 minutes ago from HootSuite · Reply · View Tweet
MMontalvo: ( : RT @parisiensalon: The new iPad was definitely designed for women in mind. It comes in 3 sizes: regular, super and maxi.
2 minutes ago from UberTwitter · Reply · View Tweet
kdc: for real. RT @erinjshea What he said: RT @steverubel: Google Social Search launch is far more important game-changing news than the iPad.
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joeltelling: RT @matthickey: I am hereby renaming my iPhone the iPad Nano. #toosoon?
7 minutes ago from Twidget · Reply · View Tweet
bsandusky: @KristinaWeise @markmilian iPad Expert = Social Media Expert. It’ll be in bios everywhere soon.

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Feast your eyes upon…

iPad 2D - NEWEST iPod iPhone from Apple??? click to buy!

With tablet-like features it’s viewing area is an astonishing 5.5″ x 8.5″ and some are saying the iPad 2D could be the next version of the iPhone or the rumored Apple Tablet.

  • Send email and text messages using advanced USPS technologies.
  • Flexible flat screen display 5.5″ x 8.5″
  • Touch screen changes “pages” with simple flicking motion.
  • Keep track of contacts, calendar and notes! Wireless sync with other devices using a touch-typing system.
  • Many drawing tools already available in virtually every color!
  • Guaranteed not to freeze or crash ever!
  • No power source!
  • Pen not included.


NebuK42: everyone’s ranting about that iPad … i’ll officially declare that i don’t give a damn :P
9 minutes ago from tircd · Reply · View Tweet
nikhilk: @davidebbo no flash on iPad is ok by me… but no camera? I expected iPad to be an iPhone+
less than 20 seconds ago from web · Reply · View Tweet
desipiodotcom: The new iPad features are so underwhelming that I will not be buying one in March. I will probably wait until April.
less than 20 seconds ago from TwitterGadget · Reply · View Tweet
magurski: RT @EFF: “”The Case Against The iPad” — that didn’t take long
less than 20 seconds ago from Twirssi · Reply · View Tweet
WTF?!?!? No lady, keep waiting for the iSlate>>>
TempleofAnubis: @kripster Is the ipad the same as the anticipated islate? Forgive me all this tech is getting confusing! Are they the same thing?
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Here you go, as promised… the Twitter trends of the day:
  • iTamponPeople are making a joke due to unfortunate word associations in the name of Apple’s new tablet, the iPad (Jan. 27).
  • HaitiThe country was hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. People are tweeting to organize relief efforts or relay news.
  • Ugly BettyABC is canceling the comedy-drama, effective at the end of this, the fourth, season (Jan. 27).
  • iPhonePeople are tweeting comparisons of the iPhone and newly announced iPad.
  • UnionUS President Barack Obama will be delivering a State of the Union address today (Jan. 27).
  • kindle
  • Steve Jobs

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Be careful out there ‘cuz you are what you tweet!


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Just say NO to Twitter’s Retweet! (uh, please rt)

January 18, 2010

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Been a couple of months now and folks are clicking away on Twitter‘s “retweet” feature…


You’re driving me completely insane! Here’s the problem – when you retweet using Twitter button there is no value to me WHATSOEVER. ALL I get is an arbitrary tweet added to my stream with NO explanation whatsoever! So, please people… for the love of (fill in personal deity here) retweet “old-school” with a note about why or a demeaning comment or wisecrack! Come ON! It’s for the children!

So why did Twitter do this to me? Because they’re chickens. They were worried that their feature would allow people to be more easily critical of big brands and the big brands would freak out and drop the PR hammer on poor little Twitter! Ugh, whatever.

Don’t believe me? Check out these bitch sessions:

Careful out there, ‘cuz you are what you tweet!



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Taste Test: HYDRIVE Energy Drink

January 10, 2010

First of all, it’s really hard to find non-carbinated energy drinks so I was stoked to find HYDRIVE at Target! Well, I WAS stoked but my first impression is not great. This one tastes a little like lemonade and a lot like stale cigarette butts.

I’ll let you know if I get any pick-me-up.

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