Twitter Inspired Gear

Just in time for the holidays! “Twitter Inspired Stuff” Exclusive TwitterFunny.com designs!


Customizable to any twitter name for a personalized twitter style gift! click pic to order>>add-a-twitter-name-cu-pic

-)Grab Twitter inspired stuff for yourself, your social media addicted friends or your favorite followers! New products are on the way follow http://www.twitter.com/RichandDaveShow for updates! Great ideas? DM us your twitter inspirations!

Stylish fitted woman’s T: ru following me? click pic to order>>


Comfortable men’s T: ru following me? click pic to order>>


Funny “don’t stare at tweets” t is comfortable for men & women! click pic to order>>


Designs are exclusive from RichandDaveShow and are not sold by 3rd parties. Zazzle will complete your order in a safe and secure manner, processing immediately and usually shipping within 24 hours! Once you choose a product you will be transferred to our custom gallery where you will get more details on order placement and shipping. We hope your experience is a flawless one, please comment on our products and give us your feedback at http://www.TwitterFunny.com.

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