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WTF! Billy Mays! Say it isn’t so!!

August 8, 2009

Holy Crap! This is BOUND to Twitter Trend!

*Anonymous Facbook Friend says> Uh-oh. No wonder he talked so loud and fast.

An autopsy report issued Friday by Hillsborough County, Florida, cites cocaine as a contributing factor in the death of TV pitchman Billy Mays, who died in June at age 50.
Here’s a glimpse at what the Twitterverse is sayin’ about it!
  1. Smrlr_linked_in_hs_normalDanaworld Wow ! Billy Mays was a cokehead! Get OUT! Of here!half a minute ago from TwitterBerry
  2. Icon-tfunny_normaltfunny Well, I thought Billy Mays needed “Cholesty-clean” but APPARENTLY he needed “COKEY-CLEAN” (or cokie-clean?)> minute ago from web
  3. Default_profile_normalSchoollyz @Ron_Shawler hanging out with Billy mays?2 minutes ago from TwitterFon
  4. H_normalPceLuvHannah (703): how do you have sooo much energy? (571):billy mays threw in a lil somethin extra when i ordered some oxiclean last week4 minutes ago from web
  5. Weird_science_dvd_flashback_edition_normalmickmoart @Ryche666 Doctor Rockso and Billy Mays are pretty much the same person I think! LOL! RT :P5 minutes ago from web
  6. Copy_of_3018841121_85121ac4d0_m_normalmckennawise is saddened by the fact that Billy Mays sold white powder and snorted it.6 minutes ago from API
  7. Mama_spikething_normalMamaSpikething I uploaded a YouTube video — TV Pitchman BillyMays Doing Cocaine Drugs minutes ago from Google
  8. Cptcover_normalChrisPartain billy mays!!! cocaine in system???!!!! oxiclean stuff if guess…..8 minutes ago from TweetDeck
  9. March_2008_023_normalChaosX8 this news about Billy Mays is…I dunno…sad?8 minutes ago from web
  10. I-like-turtles_normaltimelighter Billy Mays was on cocaine? IT ALL MAKES SENSE: minutes ago from twhirl

  1. 1213571_gorilla_marketing_normalIANurbaniq Billy Mays‘ Family Want A Second Opinion! – The family of legendary pitchman Billy Mays are slamming th… minute ago from HootSuite

  2. 2829_785637134809_8843383_45428329_4556671_n_normalnatc87 i knew it! Billy Mays was on drugs…no man can be that annoying selling tv products WITHOUT drugs3 minutes ago from web
  3. Sliver_normalmikeybd Billy Mays had Vicodin, Oxycodone, Xanax, Valium, Restoril, alcohol and cocaine in him when he died.4 minutes ago from UberTwitter
  4. Ya_boy_normalbballat billy mays did crack :[5 minutes ago from web
  5. April_may_023_normalNVCN @donlemoncnn Billy Mays…gotta suck for the people guilty by association5 minutes ago from web
  6. Cimg0338_normalL__Money My faith in humanity is waning. Baseball players all do drugs. Michael Jackson did drugs. And now Billy Mays5 minutes ago from web
  7. 2009-01-21_normalmpahu This might explain why he was so loud and energetic. Cocaine use contributed to Billy Mays‘ death: minutes ago from web
  8. Carridetwitter2_normalkristynn cocaine was a factor in billy mays‘ death? color me not at all surprised.8 minutes ago from twhirl
  9. Ls_0114_dot_bite_normalWhereru123 Will Billy Mays appear on the new season of Futurama?10 minutes ago from Twittelator
  10. Utah_normalthrowingutah The guy narrating this Shark Week program sounds like Billy Mays…I’m sort of hoping one eats him.12 minutes ago from web
  11. Default_profile_normalchubs2 billy mays was on coke14 minutes ago from web
  12. L_363d21295c3151086d2cc61ca0362326_normalChibichan55 O….M…..F…..G….Guess what I found out about BillyMays today :D minutes ago from web
  13. Img00196_normalmichaelkruse Billy Mays. Cocaine. Who cares?16 minutes ago from web

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Blogojevich: SNL Amy Poehler & Twitter Attack! FUNNY!

December 14, 2008

Watch SNL’s Amy & Seth take on Illinois Gov. Rod Blogojevich with “Really?”

No video? CLICK HERE to see it on Hulu right now!

Exclusive Funny Twitter Attack : Blogojevich only on!

…and they’re REAL! Reply or view from right here (most tweets)!


curlycomedy: This just in: Supercuts denies ever having done business with Rod Blogojevich.
gypsyjr: “An unsightly pile of Blogojevich” is my new favorite phrase.


richanddaveshow: Illinois Governor Blagojevich busted after 3 year probe… if convicted could receive 5 to 7 years being probed. @ ME YOUR ONE LINER!!!
4 days ago ·
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arizonaBNN: Wild Chihuahuas: The view outside Chez Blogojevich!: Thanks to the very funny icanhascheezburger.comhttp://www.w.. (expand)
alisavaldes: blogojevich = travolta’s lesbian kid sister
lauranyc: From Portfolio: Blago’s Lowball: Among the crazier things about the Rod Blogojevich scandal is th.. (expand)
2 days ago ·
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need4trth: blogojevich is an arrogant psycho. I guess because he is a lawyer he thinks he really has nothing to fear.
2 days ago ·
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NewYorkObserver: Fashion Roundup: The Wealthy Shop in Secret; Versace Exec Sued for Sexual Harassment; Rod Blogojevich‘s Hair Doe.. (expand)
2 days ago ·
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farkpolitics: Friends of (expletive) wife of Gov. Blogojevich say (expletive) transcript of her (expletive) profanity-laced co.. (expand)
2 days ago ·
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richanddaveshow: IL GOV. tried to sell Obama Sen. seat to highest bidder. “Udon’t give it away for nothing” Who says politicians dont know the value of a $

4 days ago ·


fark: Friends of (expletive) wife of Gov. Blogojevich say (expletive) transcript of her (expletive) profanity-laced co.. (expand)
2 days ago ·
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CaraCarriveau: on CNN – Chicago anchor Goudie said it was unusual for Blogojevich to go to work these last 2 days…because it was 2 days in a row for him!
2 days ago ·
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philliperickson: Latest on Blogojevich: Illnois Governor’s office says that he is “calling in gay” and will not be in the office for the rest of the week.

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