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WTF! Billy Mays! Say it isn’t so!!

August 8, 2009

Holy Crap! This is BOUND to Twitter Trend!

*Anonymous Facbook Friend says> Uh-oh. No wonder he talked so loud and fast.

An autopsy report issued Friday by Hillsborough County, Florida, cites cocaine as a contributing factor in the death of TV pitchman Billy Mays, who died in June at age 50.
Here’s a glimpse at what the Twitterverse is sayin’ about it!
  1. Smrlr_linked_in_hs_normalDanaworld Wow ! Billy Mays was a cokehead! Get OUT! Of here!half a minute ago from TwitterBerry
  2. Icon-tfunny_normaltfunny Well, I thought Billy Mays needed “Cholesty-clean” but APPARENTLY he needed “COKEY-CLEAN” (or cokie-clean?)> minute ago from web
  3. Default_profile_normalSchoollyz @Ron_Shawler hanging out with Billy mays?2 minutes ago from TwitterFon
  4. H_normalPceLuvHannah (703): how do you have sooo much energy? (571):billy mays threw in a lil somethin extra when i ordered some oxiclean last week4 minutes ago from web
  5. Weird_science_dvd_flashback_edition_normalmickmoart @Ryche666 Doctor Rockso and Billy Mays are pretty much the same person I think! LOL! RT :P5 minutes ago from web
  6. Copy_of_3018841121_85121ac4d0_m_normalmckennawise is saddened by the fact that Billy Mays sold white powder and snorted it.6 minutes ago from API
  7. Mama_spikething_normalMamaSpikething I uploaded a YouTube video — TV Pitchman BillyMays Doing Cocaine Drugs minutes ago from Google
  8. Cptcover_normalChrisPartain billy mays!!! cocaine in system???!!!! oxiclean stuff if guess…..8 minutes ago from TweetDeck
  9. March_2008_023_normalChaosX8 this news about Billy Mays is…I dunno…sad?8 minutes ago from web
  10. I-like-turtles_normaltimelighter Billy Mays was on cocaine? IT ALL MAKES SENSE: minutes ago from twhirl

  1. 1213571_gorilla_marketing_normalIANurbaniq Billy Mays‘ Family Want A Second Opinion! – The family of legendary pitchman Billy Mays are slamming th… minute ago from HootSuite

  2. 2829_785637134809_8843383_45428329_4556671_n_normalnatc87 i knew it! Billy Mays was on drugs…no man can be that annoying selling tv products WITHOUT drugs3 minutes ago from web
  3. Sliver_normalmikeybd Billy Mays had Vicodin, Oxycodone, Xanax, Valium, Restoril, alcohol and cocaine in him when he died.4 minutes ago from UberTwitter
  4. Ya_boy_normalbballat billy mays did crack :[5 minutes ago from web
  5. April_may_023_normalNVCN @donlemoncnn Billy Mays…gotta suck for the people guilty by association5 minutes ago from web
  6. Cimg0338_normalL__Money My faith in humanity is waning. Baseball players all do drugs. Michael Jackson did drugs. And now Billy Mays5 minutes ago from web
  7. 2009-01-21_normalmpahu This might explain why he was so loud and energetic. Cocaine use contributed to Billy Mays‘ death: minutes ago from web
  8. Carridetwitter2_normalkristynn cocaine was a factor in billy mays‘ death? color me not at all surprised.8 minutes ago from twhirl
  9. Ls_0114_dot_bite_normalWhereru123 Will Billy Mays appear on the new season of Futurama?10 minutes ago from Twittelator
  10. Utah_normalthrowingutah The guy narrating this Shark Week program sounds like Billy Mays…I’m sort of hoping one eats him.12 minutes ago from web
  11. Default_profile_normalchubs2 billy mays was on coke14 minutes ago from web
  12. L_363d21295c3151086d2cc61ca0362326_normalChibichan55 O….M…..F…..G….Guess what I found out about BillyMays today :D minutes ago from web
  13. Img00196_normalmichaelkruse Billy Mays. Cocaine. Who cares?16 minutes ago from web

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Michael Jackson Farrah Fawcett Extreme Twitter Trends!

June 29, 2009

@richanddaveshow brings you Extreme Twitter Trends & polarizing Twitter Funny! Jacko & Farrah take center spotlight overshadowing Ed McMahon… then Twitter killed Jeff Goldblum! Uh, he’s alive btw!

Couple of interesting tidbits: looks like Itunes made a TON of money off MJ’s death and at one point the King of Pop had 3 or 4 of the top Twitter trends one of which was his name spelled wrong!

Here you go… Lovers, Haters & Somewhere in between!


SockBoyRT: @endoplasmic: Wow #MichaelJackson, the King of Pop is dead?! The heir to the throne is a kid named “Blanket”. Ouch.


shutupmeg(@sofiamt) Can someone please tell Uri Geller to shut the fuck up? #michaeljackson

Miss Naomii

MJ_Lover_OXThe pain of MJ’s death is still killing me :( The jokes some people are making about him being dead is just disgusting!

Phil Margolies

pmargoliesThrees: Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson. 3 people never mentioned together in life, but now bound forever in death.

Cameron Black

BlackCameraEverybody wear a white glove and molest a small boy tomorrow #MichaelJackson


dparker82Starting to think that we should not be distracted by MJ’s death . think of the irainians #MichaelJackson #iranelection

Chuck Gaffney

princetrunksCome on MTV, it took the death of Michael Jackson for you to finally play music again? RIP MJ #MichaelJackson


discotekaI love how the top story in google news is “Madonna Cant Stop Crying over Michael.” Seriously? #michaeljackson

Carolina Beckinsale

CJSnoozeThe Jeff Goldblum story – surely a hoax for cheap closing lines such as ‘they’re dropping like flies?’…

Kathy Heath

1PaisleyTwitter is not the place for fake Jeff Goldblum information. Grow up.


TigerfluffJeff Goldblum will live forever

Luca Bernardi

dr_lucaJeff Goldblum is NOT dead

tiziana nenezic

tiziananenezic#MichaelJackson hmmm… I have a feeling that it’s only a matter of time before rumors of his fake death will start circulating…



EnslyGdo I have to say something about #MichaelJackson ?

Tim Neill

TimNeillI’m going to release a white dove for every MJ video that people post on my Facebook wall…and by release, I mean eat. #michaeljackson

Bethany Murphy

bethanyshondark“Don’t speak ill of the dead” doesn’t apply to child molesters. I hope his victims have some comfort. #michaeljackson

Christina Klenotic

cklenotic – Pic of me jamming to PYT by #michaeljackson 25 yrs ago while I ironed in my Grover shirt. No joke!


MissAlaneRT @PrinceYoung416: What was your favorite #MichaelJackson Record? @MissAlane says My answer is his police record. remember

Hankito de la calle

hankito#Iremember, by the time my mom got me a MJ beat it jacket they were out of style and i got my ass beat. #michaeljackson



BLACKSOLUTIONSIcon_lockRT @mysskay: i know thriller was a fav video of lots of folks, but i have always loved SCREAM with him and janet {#michaeljackson}

Brandon McKinney

rip_lil_mikeI wish the news would shut the hell up about the charges he was ACQUITTED of n show sum respect 4 the greatest of all time. #michaeljackson

Eilir Rowan

eilirAm I the only one that doesn’t care about the death of #MichaelJackson? The news seems to be mostly about the weirdo pop star. Now Farrah…

Shelly Payne

ShellyCarrPayneWhat if…and this is just me talkin’, it was actually NATURAL CAUSES? No drugs or anything? What would the media do then? #michaeljackson

Monica Skater


Anne Treasure

annetreasureRT @JezOsbourne: let’s be honest, his kids are probably relieved. #michaeljackson

Gee Maulana

redzukeeShould I change my avatar to black or white now? I’m confused. #MichaelJackson

Stephanie Van Sandt

badmsmRT @LoriMoreno Prayers & Love to Families/Friends/Fans of #FarrahFawcett & #MichaelJackson .·**•.♥ #LOVE ♥.•**·.¸

Guilherme da Rosa

guilhermedarosaIt seems Iran is now outdated. #michaeljackson


djchacoFinally! Some good news for retail: demand for white dress socks & single silver gloves on the upswing. #michaeljackson

Matt Kautz

stinginthetailRT @barrysaunders RT @shoes_off: Farrah overtaking MJ. Go you good thing!

Nancy O'Dell

NancyODellSpoke to someone who has been at tour rehearsals with MJ,he saw MJ day before yesterday and said MJ was dancing and singing and seemed fine


stinginthetailRT @stephenconroy I wonder what colour people will change their avatars to in support of Dead Michael Jackson?

Michael Seaton

mlseatonRT @Armano: Most significant death of the week? You decide: Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Neda Agha Soltan. (via @cshirky)


RichandDaveShowOUCH > RT @mrskutcher Michael Jackson was a paedophile. Thank you.

Reg Saddler

zaibatsuBREAKING: Michael Jackson: Exclusive Last Photo #MichaelJackson Please retweet


TheBloggessApparently @KevinSpacey is saying Jeff Goldblum is not dead. That means he’s not dead or Kevin Spacey murdered him and is buying time.

Scott Campbell

scottcampbANNOUNCEMENT: @mpoppel and @breakingnewsconstantly LIE. The statement from MJ’s publicist they claimed was made to them was made to TMZ.


demostheHe collapsed. On the floor. In a round.

Jean-Luc Raymond

jeanlucrMichael Jackson Tops the Charts on Twitter: 15% of the Twitter content (New York Times)

Miguel Lopez

mklopezHome. My fav radio station played only Michael Jackson songs during the whole commute.

Andy Finkle

A_FColony Capital just hit a home run (Co-Owner of Neverland ranch) the next ‘Elvis Shrine’

Brent Morris

closetgeekshowit’s not accurate to say that the Thriller video is 15 minutes long as it takes nearly 5 minutes for the


Jim MacMillan

JimMacMillanRT @DelicateEssence I like all the drivers/businesses in Philly blasting Michael Jackson right now in tribute #MichaelJackson

RJ Cantrell

RJCantrellReports are saying that MJ was abusing prescription gloves. Very sad.

David Feldman
feldoToday we lost a beautiful woman I always wanted to have sex with and Farrah Fawcett.

Be safe out there, and always remeber: U R what you U tweet!


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Jon Trow
Jon404Reports of Michael Jackson dying of a heart attack in hospital are incorrect. He was actually in The Children’s Hospital having a stroke.
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