Unique Google Inspired Holiday Gifts for DADs only from TwitterFunny!

November 30, 2009

Google inspired for Dad! Check out new “Father Search” and “Beta Dad” gear for New Dads, Know it all Dads, Geeky Tech Dads and especially “Google Fan Boy” Fathers!

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Father Search wht tee shirt
Father Search wht tee by twitterfunny
Beta Dad blk hat embroideredhat
Beta Dad blk hat by twitterfunny
Father Search hor img 2100x1800 mug
Father Search hor img 2100×1800 by twitterfunny
Father Search hat hat
Father Search hat by twitterfunny

BetaDadHatKahki-hatFather Search Tie tie

Father Search Tie by twitterfunny


Careful out there, ‘cuz U R what U tweet!


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