OMG There’s Balloon boy shirts and they’re FUNNY! #balloonboy

October 16, 2009

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Hours and hours of live Denver television… a trending topic #balloonboy on Twitter Thursay trending well into Friday and now this. :-) Oh, I threw in some funny balloon boy tweets too!

Where's Falcon? shirt
Where’s Falcon? CLICK IT TO ORDER
itsKJonesBitch: I know this #balloonboy need his ass whooped and so do his parents …. Hidin’ !!! Wtf wanna be celebrities
half a minute ago from UberTwitter · Reply · View Tweet
ChaosX8: #balloonboy ‘s dad owes me an Egg McMuffin. I was unable to eat mine after his baby bird threw up on TODAY, ewww.
half a minute ago from web · Reply · View Tweet
314media: #balloonboy … Hope parents get a bill for wasting time and efforts chasing a balloon. Next time my cat’s in a Tree I’m calling CNN!
less than a minute ago from TweetDeck · Reply · View Tweet
HollisCGuerra: RT @theblowout should #balloonboy get “best attic hideout since anne frank” or “best hideout when your mom said no (savedbythebell)” award?
less than a minute ago from web · Reply · View Tweet
ExpressCareTX: Dang. Should of had my logo on that balloon. #BalloonBoy
12 minutes ago from PeopleBrowsr · Reply · View Tweet
_LowEndTheory_: RT @FlyOne #balloonboy and his parents should be lined up and bitch slapped by everyone who helped search for the kid
half a minute ago from twidroid · Reply · View Tweet

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