Hey Baby, Nice Tweets! 11-10

November 10, 2008

Stick your tweets in our face! Follow us on Twitter and we’ll follow you!

Some of our new favorite n funny Tweets:

BellaRossa Amusing sugarcoating of a “naughty” word: “clusterbunch.” Ha.

zemote It’s 4am in Chicago, what the hell am I doing up?

kmakice Had to restart my Internets.

Chuckumentary Why can’t you karaoke Anal Cu** songs?

fimoculous What do ya think Garth Brooks is doing right now?

pennjillette : I’m in Greenfield, birthplace of me, and Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth, Inventor of the moveable frame beehive. I must set up an apiary.

nick select “Obama,” right-click, click “add to dictionary”

kmakice OH: “Dad, your laptop is getting in the way of me evolving.”

RichandDaveShow dropping wife off at airport… …drinking beer on way home from airport.

TheOnion God Returns From 2-Millennium-Long Vacationhttp://twurl.nl/61xwx3

nick Crafting the perfect avatar. How do I convey “I’m acknowledging you out of pity” in 150×150 pixels?

kellymarch The paint guy at Home Depot likes his job WAY too much.

chrispirillo When the Hell did I Start Growing Hair on my Earlobes?! http://bit.ly/DPxV

Admit it, you’ve been staring! Now join us on Twitter, baby!

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